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We provide below a simple range of service options.  Each option is customised to your needs and expectations.  


No unexpected costs.  Full disclosure guaranteed.


Fixed fee quotations available upon request.

Full Package


This is our most popular service package.


We take your case from the very beginning right until the end (and everything in between). 


We tell you everything you need to prepare, what you should expect, our assessment of your likelihood of success and act as your main point of contact for Immigration New Zealand. 


Eligibility Report


Not sure where to start?


Our eligibility report is an easy to understand but comprehensive report about your eligbility to migrate to New Zealand.  


We will access your complete immigration file (held by INZ) and conduct a full due diligence on your immigration history.

External Consultant

We act as external consultants for:


  • Global law firms

  • International and regional immigration advisers

  • Multi-national corporations


Contact us if you are interested in forming an association or partnership with us.


Have you made your own application but hit a wall or problem?  


Our troubleshooting service will provide you with one-off advice aimed to see you pass through any potential problems presented to you. 


If we don't have the answer, no one else will.


Contact Us

Preliminary Assessment Service

Want to know your options?


Has your application been declined?


Have you received a letter from Immigration New Zealand?

You will receive a response from us within 24-48 hours

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