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15 January 2015 - Interim Visas


Are you someone that makes their visa applications at the last minute?  Interim visas may look on paper to be a good safety net, allowing you to remain in New Zealand while you await the outcome of a decision, but are they?  More


27 August 2014 - Entrepreneurs Beware (Part 2)


This is part 2 of our publication on the issues relating to the Entrepreneur residence visa.  We sought clarification from Immigration New Zealand and the Business Migration Branch directly.  More


13 August 2014 - Entrepreneurs Beware


The Immigration New Zealand official website is a fountain of information for prospective applicants.  Most of the information is helpful and accurate.  However, some parts are not.  What can you do when the INZ official website provides information which contradicts the department's own policy manual?  More


24 July 2014 - Time Extension Woes


As far as immigration law and policy goes, asking Immigration New Zealand to give you more time to respond to requests for information is about as mundane and basic as it gets.  But what happens when you ask, and you do not receive?  More

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