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We are an internet-based consultancy service specialising in New Zealand immigration law and policy. We offer a premium service.


How are we different?


Our consultancy service is a little different from the rest. Generally, only lawyers and licensed advisers are able to give immigration advice or act on New Zealand immigration applications. Our advice and service is provided by New Zealand lawyers.


We understand the complexities of immigration law and policy and how it should be applied. We are not here to simply fill out forms. We are here to make a difference in your immigration application and process.  


What we actually do


For every case and application, we make sure that:


  • You are making the right application under the right category.


  • All of the documents you provide are useful. We do not believe in the 'kitchen-sink' theory where everything under the sun is provided without scrutiny.


  • You have a realistic appreciation of the prospects of success. We do not subscribe to the idea of 'testing your eligibility' by randomly making an application and then 'seeing how it goes'. Your time (and ours) is precious.


  • Your application is given the respect and integrity that it deserves. If your application is unduly delayed by the authorities, we will make sure it gets the proper attention. If an error or mistake has been made in law or application of policy, we will not miss it.


We are Latitude Consultants.  We are here to help.

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