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Who are we?


We are a premium consultancy service specialising in New Zealand immigration law and policy.  


We help people immigrate to New Zealand.  And we make it simple.


We are Latitude Consultants.



We are the experts.


We troubleshoot and advise law firms, providers of immigration services and multi-national corporations.


When cases become difficult or complex, we are called in to provide solutions.  








  • Over 90% success rate based upon our preliminary assessment service or advice.


  • Residence visas for individuals seeking to invest or establish a business in New Zealand.


  • Residence visas for skilled migrants with relevant job offers in New Zealand.


  • Temporary entry visas for applicants who have never previously travelled to New Zealand or any other country abroad.


  • Work visas for foreigners and overcoming the INZ labour market test.


  • Overstayer status regularisation based on family unity principles.


  • Successful complaints and appeals against incorrect and wrong decision making by Immigration New Zealand



Contact Us

Preliminary Assessment Service

Want to know your options?


Has your application been declined?


Have you received a letter from Immigration New Zealand?

You will receive a response from us within 24-48 hours

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